GPT Healthcare IPO: Unlocking Growth in Indian Healthcare


GPT Healthcare Ltd, a mid-sized multi-specialty hospital, has officially launched its Initial Public Offering (IPO), ushering in a new era for healthcare investments in the Indian market. This article delves into the intricacies of the GPT Healthcare IPO, providing a comprehensive overview of key details and expert opinions.

1. Price Band and Issue Size

The equity shares of GPT Healthcare are priced between ₹177 to ₹186, with the IPO aiming to raise a substantial ₹525.14 crores. Notably, ₹40 crores are allocated for fresh share issuance, while the remaining ₹485.14 crores constitute the Offer for Sale (OFS).

2. Subscription Status and Market Sentiment

As of 10:18 AM on the first day of bidding, the subscription status reveals an overall subscription of 0.03 times, indicating a cautious initial response. The retail portion is booked at 0.05 times, with the Non-Institutional Investor (NII) portion subscribed at 0.02 times. In the grey market, GPT Healthcare shares are holding steady, trading at par without any discernible premium or discount.
GPT Healthcare IPO
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IPO Timeline and Listing Details

3. Timeline and Allotment

The IPO, which opened today, will remain accessible for subscription until February 26, 2024. Share allocation is tentatively scheduled for February 27, 2024. GPT Healthcare aims to list on both the BSE and the NSE, adhering to the T+3 listing rule, projecting its debut on the secondary market on February 29, 2024.

4. Lot Size and Registrar Information

Investors can apply for shares in lots, with each lot comprising 80 shares. Link Intime India Private Limited has been appointed as the official registrar, streamlining the IPO process for potential investors.

Expert Opinions on GPT Healthcare IPO

5. Positive Outlook

Rajan Shinde, Research Analyst at Mehta Equities, expresses optimism with a ‘subscribe’ recommendation. He highlights GPT Healthcare’s strategic focus on the regional healthcare market in Eastern India, emphasizing its established presence and diverse range of healthcare services.

6. Neutral Stance

VLA Ambala, a SEBI Registered RA and Founder of SMT Stock Market Today, presents a balanced viewpoint, recognizing the company’s growth potential while cautioning that the majority of IPO proceeds will be allocated for debt repayment.

7. Cautionary Opinion

Prathamesh P Masdekar of StoxBox advises potential investors to ‘avoid’ the public issue. He raises concerns about the company’s expansion success, highlighting the need for improvement in bed occupancy rates and financial metrics.

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The GPT Healthcare IPO presents an intriguing investment opportunity, drawing varied opinions from experts. Investors are urged to conduct thorough due diligence, considering their risk tolerance and investment goals before deciding whether to subscribe. This IPO not only marks a significant financial event for GPT Healthcare but also signifies a pivotal moment in the Indian healthcare investment landscape.

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