December auto sales preview: Two-wheeler sales expected to surge 30%; Bajaj Auto and TVS likely top performers

December Auto Sales Showdown: Sales Surge and Predictions Unveiled

Two-Wheeler Titans: TVS and Bajaj Lead the Charge

In a riveting forecast, TVS Auto eyes a remarkable 30% surge, projecting sales to reach 3.14 lakh units. Simultaneously, Bajaj Auto is poised for a robust 25% improvement, with overall sales set to hit 3.51 lakh units. The stage is set for a thrilling December 2023, as per a CNBC-TV18 poll predicting a 30% uptick in two-wheeler sales, positioning Bajaj Auto and TVS as frontrunners, while Royal Enfield anticipates modest growth.

Awaiting the Revelation: January 1 Marks Auto Giants' Sales Disclosures

As the automotive calendar turns to January 1, expectations are high for major players to unveil their December sales figures. Anchoring the optimistic projections are the influential factors of a low-base impact and robust consumer demand, creating a fertile ground for growth in the industry.

December Auto Sales Preview: A Detailed Glimpse

TVS Motor and Bajaj Auto: The spotlight shines on TVS Motor, envisaging a 30% surge to 3.14 lakh units, and Bajaj Auto, poised for a 25% climb, reaching 3.51 lakh units.

Hero Moto Corp and Eicher Motors: Hero Moto Corp eyes a commendable 10% expansion to 4.33 lakh units, while Eicher Motors takes a more moderate growth trajectory at 0.4%, targeting 68,667 units.
Passenger Vehicle Leaders: Mahindra & Mahindra takes the lead in the passenger vehicle (PV) market, projecting a 19% rise to over 68,000 units.

Maruti Suzuki India is anticipated to grow by a steady 6%, reaching 1.47 lakh units.

Mixed Fortunes for Ashok Leyland and Tata Motors: The poll suggests a 4% decline in overall sales for Ashok Leyland, dropping to 17,400 units from 18,138 units YoY. Tata Motors, on the other hand, foresees a modest 1% increase, reaching 75,233 units from 74,356 units YoY.

December Auto Sales
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Analyst Insights: A Peek Into Market Dynamics

Nomura’s Assessment: Despite enticing discounts, Nomura reports a muted demand for small cars in December. The firm revises down the growth estimate for the PV business from 8% to 6% and raises concerns of downside risks for FY25.

CNBC-TV18 Report Highlights: Analysts anticipate a volume surge propelled by two and three-wheelers, but caution prevails as volumes are expected to witness a sequential dip across segments.

Commercial Vehicles (CVs) Dilemma: Due to a larger base and decreased demand in the light CV category, commercial vehicles (CVs) may continue to experience sluggish growth.

November 2023 Flashback: A Boost for Most, a Blip for Tata Motors

The auto sales data for November 2023 painted a bullish picture for major manufacturers, except Tata Motors, which reported a marginal decline, setting the stage for a December showdown in the dynamic automotive landscape.

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